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As part of the public consultation process we strive to keep the local community informed of all the latest updates in the ongoing development of the proposal. This page will be frequently updated throughout the process informing the public of upcoming consultation events, the current stage of the planning process and any alterations to the master planning.   Please read below for the latest news:




  • 10/05/2018

Our consultation starts today and runs until 31st May 2018.  Please bear with us while we update the website with new information as it becomes available.


  • 09/05/2018
    The initial proposal was lodged in 2016 with West Lindsey District Council and approval was declined. This was due to reasons of potential flood risk; its scale being that it would result in the growth of the settlement and the existing infrastructure would not be suitable; and the need for people to travel by car.

    Between the period 2014-2016 the Newton on Trent team had been working closely with the Environment Agency and Anglian Water to identify flood risk issues within the village and determine the impacts if an additional area of buildings were created to the north of the High Street. This close working during 2017 meant that not only were flood issues resolved in relation to the development, but also that the whole village would be protected as a result of combined approaches by all organisations involved.

    The Transport specialists within the Newton on Trent team liaised with Lincolnshire County Council Highways Department during the process of evaluating the proposal. The Highways Department have no objections to the proposal and consider that there is sufficient infrastructure capacity to accommodate the increase in traffic. Whilst there will be an increase in traffic, the proposal includes a wide range of measures to reduce transport and promote home working, new bus stops, and the creation of a detailed travel plans that will benefit the wider village. Plus the additional car parking spaces at the new Village Hub will reduce existing congestion on the High Street because it can be used by people visiting the school, shop and church.

    The applicant appealed against the decision and several amendments to the proposal were made, all of which are detailed in pages on the website. This has resulted in a new application being prepared ready to be forwarded to the West Lindsey District Council in the summer of 2018. You are invited to comment and register your support or objection to the proposal prior to it being submitted.