Environmental Approach

A Sustainable Newton-on-Trent In Tune with the Environment…


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The development process will follow these principles:

  1. strong vision, leadership and community engagement;
  2. community ownership of land and long-term stewardship of assets;
  3. a mix of house types and sizes that are affordable to local people;
  4. supporting local employment within the village and within easy commuting distance;
  5. high-quality design, including homes with gardens, combining the very best of modern amenity and country living;
  6. generous green space linked to the natural environment, including well-managed, high-quality gardens, tree-lined streets and open spaces;
  7. opportunities for village residents to grow their own food, including allotments;Senior Man Digging Vegetable Patch On Allotment
  8. access to recreational and shopping facilities in walkable neighbourhoods; connecting all parts of the village to the new and existing services including the post office, school, park and church; and
  9. integrated and accessible transport systems connecting Newton-on-Trent to surrounding communities.