Culture and heritage

Our aims

To ensure that the development integrates well with the rest of the community and provides spaces and facilities to encourage cultural and social activities.

To preserve, enhance and raise awareness of the heritage of the local community

Local needs and priorities (taken from consultations)

  • Retain the feel of the village
  • Incorporate existing architectural styles from those houses and buildings within Newton on Trent
  • The hub to be traditional in style and have a character of its own.
  • Ensure streets are designed so there are no blind alleys or snickets that would create hiding spaces. Connections between spaces should be safe.
  • Incorporate cul-de-sacs rather than grid system of streets – this will prevent rat runs and enables people to look at for each other.
  • The extension needs to show that it has evolved organically and represents the template of the village – e.g with more modern properties on the edges on the site.


September 2015: Archaeological surveys and geophysical surveys have been undertaken. Design of buildings and streets is continually being considered in detail by a range of specialists as the concepts develop.

Next steps

Continue to review specialist surveys and reports that will shape the design of buildings and streets.

Key documents:

  • Archaeological Desk Based Assessment
  • Geophysical Survey Report
  • Archaeological Evaluation Report
  • Design and Access Statement

Other useful pages: