Biodiversity and landscape

Our aims

To ensure that the development protects existing natural habitats wherever possible/practical and where not, minimises and mitigates its impact on existing habitats and promotes measures to enhance biodiversity on site and in the locality.

To ensure measures are in place to protect the River Trent and local watercourses from pollution and other environmental damage.

To ensure that the ecological value of the development is enhanced.

To ensure that the character of the landscape is respected and, where possible, enhanced through the location of features and design appropriate to the local environment.

Local needs and priorities (taken from previous consultations between 2014-2016)

  • Public safe access onto the river bank to enable safe dog walking and bike rides.
  • Wildlife areas, copses of trees, lake, picnic area
  • A green area for social events.
  • More litter bins and dog bins needed.
  • Somewhere to take the dog off the lead (West Moor Lane being used currently for dog walking)
  • Wildlife parks with circular walks
  • Seating around ponds
  • Provision of natural play spaces in spaces where they are overlooked (e.g. not placed at the back of the pub/café space


NoT wetlands and meadows

Masterplan details:

  • Almost 1/3 (5.5ha) of development site will be public open space, water features and landscaped areas.
  • Features include swales, ponds, trees, and meadows
  • Creation of new village green at the entrance to the site will enable all of the village to utilise the space and reinstall local activities and traditions
  • Creation of spaces capable of multiple uses and that provide opportunities for children and the elderly alike.
  • Spaces designed to connect to one another with each development phase creating a circular footpath which would link to wildlife areas and public realm spaces
  • Links to the wider village through street trees and allotment pods
  • Open spaces will be designed to promote attractive views in and out of the development
  • Village hub to have terrace which overlooks pond and new village green
  • All spaces will be within no more than 300 metres (5 minutes’ walk) from homes of residents

woodland walk

  • Provision of children’s play areas
  • Range of open spaces for general recreation
  • Wild areas – woodlands, copses, ponds, meadows
  • Linear orchard
  • Trim trail
  • Offsite improvements: Provision of football pitch to be used by local team (offsite from main development); Enhancements to play area near to school

Key documents: